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Every one of our snorkels are made by hand incorporating the best quality of products on the market. The raw tube we use is 316 marine grade stainless steel, made in New Zealand.

The production process beings with our specifically designed jigs which we use to layout each individual snorkel. The snorkels are then tacked together, back-purge welded and then sanded using a hand held, pipe polisher.

Our snorkels include a stainless steel end cap that we weld into the top end opening to ensure no foreign items can be deposited down the tube. These have been custom designed and machined and include our business logo.

We take pride in our designs ensuring our snorkels line up perfectly with the window lines and guards on every model of vehicle we work on. This allows us to show our perfection to detail through the products themselves.

Finally each snorkel is finished in either a seamless #3 grain finish or a powder coated finish. Our powder coated products are out sourced to a local business who we know and trust to uphold the same attention to quality detail and finish that we do.

The snorkel kits are designed to connect either to your factory airbox or to our aftermarket airbox setups.

Installation of our snorkels take approximately 2 hours and customers are treated with Netflix while they wait!

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