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All of our manifolds are fabricated using either stainless or mild steel medium wall elbows. We use these materials and a back-purge tig welding technique, to ensure an elite strength in the final product.  All turbo flanges and header plates are CNC cut by our trusted local supplier.

Our exhaust systems are all made customised to suit each individual vehicle. These performance upgrades are created using the appropriate size 304 grade stainless tube, which provides strength and excellent durability (stainless will not rust).

All tig welds in our exhaust systems and v-bands are back-purged using purge plugs. This makes sure the plates don’t warp and create leaks between the v-band joints. We use both stainless v-bands and stainless flange plates, where needed.

We offer systems from the turbo back, DPF back or extractors back, that finish where the customer wishes. Added features such as a catalytic converter or any sized resonator or muffler are always available to be included.

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